Opening Hours
CAFE (Ground floor)
MESS (Underground)
Mon - Fri   12:00 - 15:30
                17:30 - 23:30
Sat - Sun  12:30 - 23:30

We are getting healthier and living longer. We recognised this trend and the eco-friendliness of the hospitality services. Thus we have created a new restaurant situated underground called, VIET HOA MESS.

This is one of those slightly complex scheme for which exploded architectural drawings are perfect, and once again VONSUNG duly provided one. It elegantly describes the main elements of the restaurant: two staggered, interlinked and very different restaurant forms (Cafe and Mess) connected by a central theme. The connection of the two restaurants is marked by the main 5 meter feature stone wall, and leads from the ground floor to the new underground restaurant. The overall impression is of two buildings that are rubbing past each other.

The new, 78 seating capacity Mess dining room will come with individual infrared light grill stations on medea stone tables with concrete bases. Surrounded by sedimentary stone walls, the Mess is cocooned by lights that break down from the ceiling into deep lava-shaped columns. The concept of the Mess restaurant is a marriage of the gothic with the classical (a temple-like form to the ground floor cafe, where heart-oak walls reflect deep Vietnam's landscape).

The Mess restaurant plays on the contrasts of materials and impressions: walls in stone, tables in concrete contrast with medea stone, flooring in waxed stone and furniture in aluminium. Square tables placed on a concrete form block base create an illusion of floating, bringing a note of architectural model masterplan to the place. The seating is kept minimal with aluminium chairs to add to the reflection of the space. The Mess restaurant offers a view of an underground earth cave dining experience which connects with the ground floor's nature concept.